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Now you can create your own puzzle out of any image

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Puzzles with Boobies, for playful grown-ups only!

Can you solve me? I'm not THAT impossible...

Welcome to!

Now you can create your own jigsaw puzzle from any sexy image.

Here are some examples:

As you can see, art is very welcome here. But you don't have to limit yourself to art.

You can make a puzzle out of any sexy image.

Well, almost any. The following is NOT allowed:

  • Violence and gore.
  • Bestiality.
  • Minors.
  • Copyright violations.
  • Posting images without the owner's consent.
  • Disrespecting other people's privacy and anonymity.
  • Shaming others for their gender, race, orientation, desires, looks, etc.
  • Anything illegal.

How to create a puzzle:

You'll need a sexy image.

Currently, you cannot upload it directly to You'll have to host your image on shuttr or imgur.

You won't appear on the front page either. Your puzzle doesn't get added to any listing or feed.
We'll add those features later - and you'll always have control over whether they are used or not.

When you create a puzzle, you'll be given a link to it. You'll have to save it, or it will be lost.

You could share the link with others if you wish, or you could keep it to yourself.
It cannot be found by others in any other way except by you sharing it.
It won't appear in any search or listing.
Be careful whom you share your puzzles with. Once you've shared a puzzle with somebody, we can no longer guarrantee your privacy.

For security reasons, we don't accept images hosted on arbitrary sites. Currently, only imgur and shuttr are accepted.
We'll probably add other services, but their number will stay limited. You could suggest another one here.

NEW: There are some new features not described here. Click 'create' for the details ...

--> Please click here to create your own puzzle. <--

... or check out the squirrel below ... - Big shy boo..eyes - looking down, feigning innocence. The 'I' has a jigsaw element for a dot.

Just a minute, please ...

Before the fun can begin, we need to make a few things clear.

Only playful grown-ups are allowed.
Are we clear?

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jEEnesis:Create your own puzzle!

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Image preview:
Image preview
Click here to open a preview in a new window.

"I wish I could publish this puzzle"

This is not possible yet, but hang on ...


Welcome and let's get started! Here's how to create your very own jigsaw puzzle:

First of all, you'll need a sexy image. You could either use an image from your computer, or one you found on the web.

Using an image file from your computer:

First, you'll have to upload the image file to an accepted image hosting service. Please go to shuttr or imgur and upload your image there.

Clicking any of the links above will open a new browser window or tab.

When you're done, you should copy the URL to the newly uploaded image into your clipboard. Here's how to do it:

As soon as you upload the image, it will appear in your browser. Right-clicl it with your mouse, and a popup menu will appear.

In the menu, you'll see an option like Copy image URL or Copy Image Location. Click it. Now the link to your image is in your clipboard.

Now you can come back to the Jeegies browser window/tab, and paste the URL into the Image URL input.

When using Imgur, rather than copying the image URL, you can use the Imgur Markdown, and will automatically extract the URL for you.

Don't worry if you don't know what "imgur markdown" means. If you decide to use imgur, you'll see the markdown field as soon as you've uploaded your image. You can copy its contents by clicking on it and paste it here. It's very easy to use, really.

Image metadata

When using an uploaded image, you have to supply a title, and optionally, a short description. In order to make your life easier, we offer you a default title. You can either use it, or get creative and come up with another one.

Image preview

As soon as you paste a valid image URL, a preview will appear in the preview box. A missing preview may be caused by one of the following issues:

Previewing your puzzle

If we don't find an issue with your image, a preview link will appear underneath the inputs. Clicking it will open your new puzzle in a new tab or window. You can check if the puzzle works, and whether you are pleased with the result, or if you'd like to make changes.

Generated Codes

As soon as you've clicked on the preview link, you gain acces to the generated codes beneath it:

Using an image file from the web:

Now that you know how to do things the hard way, let's check out an alternative:

Rather than uploading an image, you can use one from an already existing page.

Currently, the following sites are supported:

We'll be adding more sites. If you'd like to suggest a site to add, you can do it here.

One consideration when suggesting sites: Not all sites are convenient to use with In particular, we prefer sites that display just one main image on a page. This is true for both art 'deviations' and 'pins,' and any other kind of site we may add. Pages that display whole 'albums' of images are not convenient to use, and won't be a priority.

So how to make a puzzle from a supported web page? Very simple:

Just paste the link to the page into the Image URL input. If it is accepted, you will see the preview link appear, and can click it to open a preview of your puzzle.

It may take a few moments for the image preview to appear in the image preview box, because we have to analyze the page you're linking to.

You don't have to supply any title or description. We take this information from your link. If you do enter a title or description, they will override the ones from your link.

It's THAT easy.

So, have you created your first puzzle, yet?

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